Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Then And Now

Remember when you were young and you could ride your bike anywhere you want without worry?

If your Mom wanted a pack of smokes she'd write a note and send you to the store. The clerk supplely trusted you were doing the right thing. You and your friends go to the playground without supervision. On the fourth of July you could gather in groups to watch the fireworks and then in awe walk back home for ice cream and sparklers.

If you did something wrong, you got the same punishment we all got a swift but steady smack on the behind. Which brings me to discipline. Discipline seems to not exist anymore, Kids running around grocery stores knocking crap off the shelves and all your hear is "Tommy Don't do that" the mother sheepishly looks down as if to say “Please don’t embarrass me here, … “Tommy have a piece of candy.” When government foists their ideals of parenting on us how can parents enforce the kind of swift discipline needed for today’s world? No spanking or you might go to jail, raise your voice it’s emotional abuse. Teachers are obligated to tell children if your mommy or daddy hurt you tell a grown up, find a Policeman. There is no easy way for parents to bring swift and steady discipline. If you allow this, you create a soft and disrespectful society. What good is that for America? It's not, we are a strong nation built on a strong foundation the liberal progressives want none of that they want to control us, and they want the citizens weak and afraid.

The Obama administration is seen as very weak not only across the globe with out allies but more importantly buy our enemies. This can only bring the USA harm with fear comes respect just like when we were kids. Peace through strength Reagan used to say and by God we had it. Weakness and apologizing for perceived wrongs leads to the building of Mosques over 3,000 innocent lives were snuffed out in minutes. Not legitimate targets in war but civilians our people, people of the west. This shows the rest of the world that Americans are becoming weak. To have weakness allows the enemy to see us as prey. Remember the day President Bush stood in the rubble of the World Trade center and said "I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon." He was strong when we needed him to be strong say what you will about him now but when it came to standing strong he did that because America is a strong and proud nation.

Obama and the liberals are not strong they will not stand together for this nation they will only make it weak.

We've allowed the government far to long to dictate what Americans should stand for. As it seems everything is about feelings and not fact apologizing when we should stand firm.

If you take the time to really think and not hide behind whatever slanted perspective or dream world you live in you will miss of what's really going on. The progressive plan is to keep Americans so confused and afraid that we will not see what they are doing behind the closed doors of government.

When you are confused it's easier to gain control and create more laws and rules for you, thus the government controls your actions and decisions. You are not your own anymore.