Saturday, April 3, 2010

Imagine What An Enlisted Soldier Must Go Through

Your away from your family and friends, Possibly fighting a war for the Freedom and Rights of Civilians and themselves. As their out in the fields of war, with their buddies at their side knowing the trust level is high. They are family, brothers and sisters trying to strive. Feelings of fear, anger and hurt as they see one of their brothers/sisters carried off on a stretcher or in a body bag. Thinking about their family at home, "Did I tell my wife I love her? will I see my new baby? Did I tell my family I love them"? Will I be going back home or will a stray bullet send me to God?

A Soldier is true to "The Constitution of The United States". The American Soldier is the truest Patriot on earth. If called upon to fight, there is no argument. A Soldier does it with Pride, Honor, Bravery and Dignity. A Soldier stands up for whats right and will stand up against any wrong. The respect for America a Soldier has, far exceeds most of what Americans feel for their Country. Without the American Soldier we would be totally enslaved. No freedoms to choose from. We will always have an enemy knocking on our door to take away anything we have left.

Respect our Soldiers and thank them for all they go through and do for America. Your freedoms depend on them as they depend on us for your support.

My Salute to all Military, Active Duty and Veterans.
My highest respect to you all and Thank-You