Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Parents, Teachers and Values

My Opinion,
As America continues to change in a very different direction, Ultimately we have to blame ourselves. We have let schools babysit our children and not educate. Parents have not taking the time to know what our children have learned each and every day. Especially values, It's not a teachers job to teach values, If we allow our children to be taught values by someone we don't truly know, (teachers we know them as just that, we don't know them intimately or anything about their personal lives) your child may not end up with the values you would like them to have. Thus, in the long run creates a voter, taxpayer. You as a parent have to teach such values and the true American History to your child. If such things are done than you will have a child smart enough to make a real honest decision of where America will be headed. They are the future and they are future voters. However, at this moment of historical debt, historical POTUS, etc. We as Conservative Americans have to do all we can to make sure the elections Nov 2010 go in the direction America needs to go. As strong as America is I don't think she can handle to much more. The far left seems to have a strong voice yet Conservatives out number them. We need to continue to make our voices louder. Americans can no longer sit back and say America will take care of it's self. Educate yourselves and your children. Take time to really figure out whom you are voting for. Like I said this is my opinion and it may differ from some of you, but thats what makes America great.

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